Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prive fashion series

Back in August 2009 I was invited to do a mini-show for the Prive Fashion Series at Members Only. (Special thanks to Miss Jenny Yrasuegi!) The theme of the mini collection I came up with was reliving the Jazz Era...All 10 of my muses were in full character in their flapper style dresses. I had so much fun that night! Family, friends and clients were there to celebrate that great night with me. Thanks guys! :) ALL PHOTOS FROM THE ALBUM OF JENNY YRASUEGI.

A great pic with my muses in their Sassa dresses
Jecko surprised me that night
With DJ Euric, Saab, Danni, Tessa and Jecko
One of my muses Miss Tessa Prieto Valdez looking amazing as always. Thank you for coming tessa! :)
Carlo, Hannah, Katy and Martin (hannah and katy in Sassa Jimenez)
Pretty muse Vanna Malvaiz posing for the camera
I love the red lips on Mia!
I love the Kaufmans! :) Miss Eica Ong..watch out for her wedding pics in October 2010.
My sister Nina, in Sassa Jimenez, with her friends.
Winkle, also in Sassa Jimenez, with her fiance Mike
SassaJ. girls in the house! :)
Mae, katy, carlo, hanna, tanya, evan and anne

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